The Use of Silver Hydrosol (Colloidal Silver) Against Neurological Lyme Disease: Some Remarks

Bohdan Pawlicki, MD

First of all I would like to thank Dr. Joachim Gruber for providing me with the opportunity to present my personal observations on On top of that I have much more to be thankful to him for.

I hope these few remarks will be of help to all who need it.

I am a medical doctor. I contracted chronic borreliosis, to be specific: neuroborreliosis with demyelinization within the central nervous system.

After a very long treatment with intravenous antibiotics I felt subjectively I was cured.  So I resumed my very hard work load, and after a year my problems were back, particularly peripheral neurological problems. I decided to start again with iv antibiotics (cephalosporins). During this therapy I developed severe allergic reactions.

My status constantly deteriorated. I had problems speaking, walking, using my left hand. I could not sleep, I had muscles pains and I felt emotionally very bad.  

And then providentially my friend advised me to try silver hydrosol.

On the internet there is a lot of information available on silver hydrosol 

I will not explain here any mechanisms of action because all information is online.

(1) I started to take 

silver hydrosol orally – 2 x 120 ml / day together with 

statins: atorvastatin – 1 x 40 mg /day, 

serotonin reuptake inhibitor: paroxetine – 20 mg / day, 

minocycline – 100 mg every second day and 

olmesartan – 4 x 20 mg / day 

All these substances have anti-inflammatory action especially on neural tissue – information available online.

After 3 month of that therapy I felt a slow but constant improvement of my status.

(2) After this time I tried an intravenous therapy with silver hydrosol. This is possible with Argentyn 23.  So I contacted the scientific consultant of Natural-Immunogenics Corp. He sent me guidelines about how to use iv silver hydrosol in addition to methcobalamine ( the kind of B 12 vitamin ) and together with acethylocystein 300 mg / day. After more than 3 month iv therapy I noticed further improvement of my status.

I was also in contact with the scientific consultant of Energetica Natura who suggested some additional therapy: 


My follow up is not that long. In 9 months I have subjectively experienced and objectively observed a remarkable improvement.

I am waiting now for the results of detailed medical investigations. 

For now, I am continuing maintenance therapy with 

I feel almost normal, but I still do not tolerate prolonged hard work.

Dr. med. Bohdan Pawlicki 



Written: 4. April 2009

Version: 29. December 2012

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