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Figure 1

Mechanisms of the borrelia to evade the immune system.

  • Borrelia are recognized by immune cells through TLR2 and CD14 and attacked by complement and antibodies (upper row).
  • Therefore (lower row), the borrelia downregulate their surface proteins,
  • hide in the extracellular matrix, and
  • use immune suppression, i.e.
    • complement-neutralizing proteins like Salp, CRASPs, or ISAC/IRAC or
    • induce the formation of immune complexes by secreting soluble antigens
    to be protected from recognition and subsequent killing.
Mol Med. 2008 Mar–Apr; 14 (3-4) : 205–212.
Published online 2007 December 13. doi: 10.2119/2007-00091.Rupprecht.