Lyme Literate Medical Doctors under attack

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Below is a copy of Dr. B's [Joseph J. Burrascano's] letter to you all. Following that are instructions for sending in your letter to Monica.

This email presently goes out to about 3,000 people. 200 letters? a drop in the bucket. WHERE ARE YOU?

I know many are too ill to write, but please get a friend or relative to help you. Everyone counts here. We need you!

If we lose Dr. B, others will follow, maybe your doc too. A sincere thank you and big hug to those who have sent in their letters.

>From Dr. B 1/11/00

Hello to all!

I just got off the phone with Monic Miller (10 PM) and she is totally amazed
and impressed with the 200+ e-mails she has received so far. She is categorizing them, and is most thankful for the stories, links given, and the tons of useful information provisavvy our group is, and how articulate everyone is. The more good info, the better.

Also very helpful is the number of people who formally are joining FAIM. To me, this organization is exactly what the Lyme community needs- an effective lobbying organization plus one that can provide LLMDs [Lyme Literate Medical Doctors] and patients with reliable contacts in the field of "alternative medicine". Many ot the things that I do for my Lyme patients which is incredibly helpful is to address such things as diet, exercise, enforced rest, yeast control, nutrition, etc. FAIM members are experts in this aspect of medical care and I look forward to learning from them for the benefit of my Lyme patients.

So thank you and please keep up the activity. Regardless of what happens to me, this momentum and political action can only benefit all Lymies in the long run.

Take care-



To join FAIM: Foundation for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine
This entitles you to their newsletter, "Innovation Magazine" published 4 times a year which contains alternative medicine and lists of doctors who practice it.
To those with Support Groups, please give this information to your members.

To email Monica Miller:

If you can, please send me a cc:
Or, add [me] to your list of "Send to's": We have another idea pending and all emails will help.
Thank you all!