I am forwarding this posting because I believe this form letter is useful not only for information to be shared with the NY legislature,
but if compiled, could serve as valuable research.

I suggest

For my purposes, you do not have to put your name on it, but in order for me to eliminate duplicates, I need you to put some identifier on it. Therefore, place your initials (including middle initial) and month/day/year of your birthdate on the top right hand corner of each page.

My mailing address is :

J.J. Burrascano Jr. M.D.
139 Springs Fireplace Road
East Hampton, NY 11937

Have all your contacts who have Lyme fill this out also, because the more surveys we have, the more valid the statistics.

Many, many thanks!

(1) The point is,

  1. now we must send in articles that support our viewpoint.
  2. Also send in your testimony. Tell
  3. Tell them about
  4. Then spell out the human side of this:
  5. Tell them that the whole world is looking to New York State to cut through the BS and advocate on the side of the Lyme patients.
And thank them for their hard work and attention.

You may want

so one who reads it can get the idea, My feeling is that the committee will be impressed if they receive a mountain of documents. Make it so they cannot ignore us, and feel empowered and obligated to move ahead.

Let's not waste this opportunity.

Dr. B.............!

P.S.-the idea also is that (2) we need 1,000 people to show up in Albany!
You may use the "public hearing reply form" available at Lyme Disease: NYS Leg Hearing.  I understand it is on the FAIM website.

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