New York State Assembly resolution

From: (Ellen Lubarsky)
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 18:51:01 -0500 (EST)

Hi folks,
GOOD NEWS!   The NYS Assembly resolution that we have been asking for
was written and went through all the necessary red tape to be ready for
co-sponsors by Monday of last week.   At this point, more than 90
Assemblypeople (out of 150 in the entire Assembly) have signed on to
co-sponsor the resolution, and signatures are still being gathered.
Assemblywoman Nettie Mayersohn says that Assemblypeople from both
parties have been seeking her out to see how they could sign on!! This
does not mean that the resolution will definitely pass, though. There
are still some stages at which some forces might try to squash the
resolution, but this is certainly a major, exciting step. YAY, LYME

For those who don't remember, this resolution is an official statement
by the Assembly that there is a legitimate scientific controversy about
Lyme disease and asks that the OPMC stop targeting doctors because of
where they stand in this controversy. This resolution does not have the
force of law, but it will put considerable pressure on the OPMC to stop
harassing our doctors.

The other request we made was for legislation to reform the way the OPMC
works, so that doctors have sufficient due process rights.and the OPMC
cannot railroad our doctors in the future. This bill is currently being
worked on  and we will let you know when it has a bill number, probably
at the end of next week.

Right now there are two doctors seriously under the gun in NYS, Dr.
Burrascano and Dr. Orens. The resolution is particularly important for
them, since they are too far along in their cases to benefit from a new
OPMC reform law. Because one of the uses of the resolution would be as
part of these doctors' legal cases (unless the OPMC just backs off on
its own which we cannot count on ) we cannot separate the legal case
from the political here. The Legal Defense Funds are still extremely

The dinner dance on March 23rd that has been publicized is one fun way
to help build up these funds. You can feel comfortable recommending this
to friends who don't have Lyme, because the $60 contribution will also
get them a dinner and a night of dancing to live music in a lovely
country club.   Tickets are still available.

Thanks so much to the New Yorkers who have worked so hard visiting,
calling and writing their legislators. Thanks to everyone across the
country who has also written, called, attended hearings or otherwise
offered support. This is exciting! Two years ago we were told the Lyme
community could not get hearings. We got them, and, although the fight
still has to go on, we are making great progress.

For any of you who want to see background information, please go to Thanks,
Ellen and Eva