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I. What we did
II. I do not know physicians treating Lyme
III. Purchase of Antibiotics
IV. Discussion groups
V. References

I. What we did

With the generous help of many medical professionals [3], I did research on the immune response under the effect of Lyme for Marianne, my wife. You can see in my draft paper [2] what we did in detail and our tentative rationale behind it. Principally, here is what we did:
  Apart from a vaguely suspected, certainly stress correlated, relapse half a year after the end of the doxycycline therapy -and precautionary ceftriaxone infusions for 10 days- Marianne has been without major symptoms ever since. She does have occasional and stress related slight paraesthesias on the back of her head (a very faint version of symptom 18 [12].


  1. Physicians alone couldn't help us.
  2. Solving problems with health insurance had to be postponed until after recovery.
  3. Results could be evaluated only after months of consistent carefully controlled treatment.

II. I do not know physicians treating Lyme

Marianne and I decided that
  1. Lyme research is making such rapid progress that we are not likely to find physicians who would be able to help Marianne without us cooperating on a scientific basis.
  2. when stepping into new medical territory, the treating physician is risking too much to be free in his decisions. We would have to take the entire responsibility for the therapy. We had to convince the cooperating  professionals that we are able to decide for ourselves and that there would be no risk involved for her/him.
  3. the problem of getting reimbursed by the health insurance was secondary. After our visit to Ken Liegner, Marianne's insurance company stopped payment and asked for clarification of several questions by Ken Liegner. Ken tried to meet their requests writing two letters, without success though. From then on we spent another approx. $ 20,000 on antibiotics (total treatment costs were approx. $ 40,000, and as far as I recall more than 30,000 of which were for medication). After Marianne had recovered, I entered into a long mostly technical discussion (about medical details) with her insurance company. The result was that the company approved Ken's diagnosis and our treatment.

III. Purchase of Antibiotics

We bought cephalosporines in the US and Spain [21]  (prescribed by Ken Liegner and Don Brescia). The ones prescribed by the physician cooperating in Germany we bought in Germany.

IV. Discussion groups

Do you know the various discussion groups on Lyme? Apart from the ones I listed on our server [16, 17], I'm mostly listening to the discussions in Kathleen Dickson's ActionLyme [18], Robert Bransfield's Microbes and Mental Illnesses [19] and Marie Kroun's LymeRICK [20]. To be admitted, you have to e-mail an application, stating your interest in the group's discussions. Marie wishes to limit the group strictly to medical professionals and their collaborators. I think she hesitated to let me in.

V. References

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