By definition the solution of R[C, t] = 0 gives the function C = MIC[t].

The solution

has been constructed here

  1. by superimposing the surfce R[C, t] = 0 and eq. (8) R[C, t] (left side of figure), or
  2. by plotting the contour line R[C, t] = 0 of the eq.(8) surface R[C, t] (right side of figure).
Rate R[C, t] for complete model. MIC[t] as shoreline complete model MIC[t]

Left side of figure: The valley R[C, t] has been filled with water up to the level R[C, t] = 0 with water.
Right side of figure: By definition, the shoreline of the lake on the left side is the graph for the function MIC[t].


version: 14. Jan. 2004
Joachim Gruber