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Lyme-Aktivismus, Ethik, Menschenrechte

  1. Interview with Monica Miller, FAIM's legislative affairs consultant, on 2004 bills to minimize due process abuse by the OPMC, Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Feb-March, 2005 by Marcus A. Cohen.

  2. Ellen Lubarski
    • 5. October 2001
      After I spoke with Dr. B., I am writing here a list of things that need to be done to help Dr. B. and the other LLMDs under the gun here in NYS.
    • 21. May 2004
      Hi folks, More than 50 Lyme patients went to the NYS capitol last Tuesday to lobby for two bills that would save our doctors from continued persecution from the state medical disciplinary board, the OPMC.
    • 15. December 2004
      OPMC Bill Vetoed by New York State Governor Pataki
    • 4. April 2005
      New York State Update on Protecting our Medical Care
    • 29. Juni 2005
      Victory in New York State: Memorandum "Investigation of Practitioners Utilizing Treatment Modalities That Are Not Universally Accepted by the Medical Profession"
      Article 131 'shall not be construed to affect or prevent...[a] physician's use of whatever medical care, conventional or non-conventional, which effectively treats human disease, pain, injury, deformity or physical condition.'

      Under current law, therefore, it is clear that so long as a treatment modality effectively treats human disease, pain, injury, deformity or physical condition, the recommendation or provision of that modality does not, by itself, constitute professional misconduct.

      Consequently, it is contrary to the policy and practice of the Office of Professional Medical Conduct to identify, investigate or charge a physician, physician’s assistant or specialist assistant based solely on that practitioner’s recommendation or provision of such treatment modality.

  3. Die Poughkeepsie Lyme Initiative
  4. A. Püttmann: Borreliose als ethische Herausforderung
  5. Bürgerinitiativen zur Borreliose
  6. Lyme Disease Advocacy:
    Overview, History of Events, Resources, Hearing Transcripts
  7. New York Assembly Committee on Health: Chronic Lyme Treatment - Written Statement submitted by Dr. Joachim Gruber
  8. Excerpt from R. Horton's Review "The Dawn of McScience"
    "... medical journals have become an important but underrecognized obstacle to scientific truth-telling ..."


October 21, 2008
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